Monday Cashback

The world of high tech is full of opportunities, and you gotta run the fastest to be the first. Reach level Newbie 2 in the VIP program and receive cashback every Monday: 2% — 20%, depending on your level.

Friday Cashback

Life in the high tech world calls for constant advancement, development, and innovation. Reach level Newbie 2 in the VIP program and receive cashback every Friday: 2% — 20%, depending on your level.

Happy Hours

There are daily Happy Hours Booster bonuses available for each player starting with their 3rd deposit. Depending on the day of the week, the player can meet the requirement of the total sum of deposits to get this day’s Happy Hours Booster.

As the saying goes, “Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day.” And we know exactly what that something is. It’s Coinslotty Happy Hours!

Monday Booster

For the next 2 hours, which multiplies all scored comp points by 1.25.

Tuesday Booster

For the next 1 hour, which multiplies all scored comp points by 2.00.

Wednesday Booster

For the next 2 hours, which multiplies all scored comp points by 1.50.

Thursday Booster

For the next 1 hour, the booster multiplies all scored comp points by 2.00!

Friday Booster

For the next 2 hours, the booster multiplies all scored comp points by 1.25!

Saturday Booster

For the next 1 hour, the booster multiplies all scored comp points by 2.00!

Sunday Booster

For the next 2 hours, the booster multiplies all scored comp points by 1.50!

Coinslotty Casino Bonus Types

Everyone always appreciates receiving a bonus. You might get any of the following offers which include a matched deposit, free spins, cashback, a bonus without having to make a deposit, or a combination of the first three or even Coinslotty casino bonus code. Here, we’re going to explain how these bonuses are offered, the different types available at Coinslotty, and how to best use them.

Because of the competition in the gambling industry, Coinslotty has adopted the bonus system to give their visitors a better chance at winning big cash in this crypto casino. However, before agreeing to any of our bonuses, we urge you to go through the general terms and conditions. Some bonuses aren’t as good as they seem. For example, if the wagering requirements are high, then it’s not a good offer.

Coinslotty offers different forms of bonuses, just as other online sportsbooks do. Coinslotty has intentionally tried to be as innovative and generous as possible with the selection of bonuses. As a gift for signing up, many new players will receive free spins on registration when they join Coinslotty.

The bonus gift may take the form of a welcome bonus or any other type of bonus given to new players. Additionally, Coinslotty offers many promotions and bonuses designed to make you stick around longer by increasing your bankroll. Beginners may find this section confusing as there are several types of bonuses to choose from. However, below we will examine the different kinds of bonuses we have to offer.

Various types of Bonuses

Welcome Package Bonuses

The first type of bonus package you’ll find at Coinslotty casino is the welcome bonus. Upon signing up at Coinslotty, players are eligible to receive up to 100 free spins + 3 BTC. This crypto casino offers new players welcome deposit bonuses when they sign up for the first time. There are no wagering requirements before accessing the bonus package, unlike other sportsbooks. But players can use the Coinslotty casino bonus code to access these welcome bonuses.  

With a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC, gamblers are offered a 20% cashback on their deposit. You can read up the terms and conditions of this bonus to know how it works because there are no wagering requirements. In addition to the welcome bonus, players can take advantage of other special bonuses that the casino offers.

This type of bonus is an example of a deposit bonus based on the cashback percentage received after making a minimum deposit. It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with this bonus. That’s because you will be disappointed when you attempt to claim an offer only to discover that you missed a key term associated with it.

By law, the offer must include important terms and conditions. However, it is also important to read and understand the entire offer. The header of an offer usually contains a link to the full terms and conditions. Ensure to look closely for it and read up.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are given when players deposit more money into their online accounts at Coinslotty. The welcome bonus from Coinslotty is the first thing gamblers receive when they register. The refer a friend bonus brings more people to the website, and the reload bonus ensures that once those visitors enter, they stay. What’s more, you receive the Reload bonus when you continue to use your real money online gaming account.

Reload bonuses can be straight-up bonuses, where you deposit a certain amount per month and the online casino gives you an equal amount of free credit. Other types of reload bonuses exist of course, however, those are tied to a specific payment method. The reward will only be given if reloads are made through this method in this case.

Therefore, you must find out the details of these reload bonuses and any payment option bonuses before selecting your preferred payment method on Coinslotty. The reload bonus usually has no monetary maximum limit, but there is almost always a minimum, and time constraints may apply

To claim the reload bonus, you must make a minimum deposit. You need to keep this in mind when setting aside your deposit figures, especially when considering the time limit. This is how the reload bonus works. You can put more money into your online casino account, and might as well get a reward for it.

Second Deposit Bonus

Playing for big wins on Coinslotty also allows players to partake of not just one deposit bonus but two. The Second Deposit Bonus consists of a deposit bonus ranging from 50%-400% deposit, free spins, or a percentage of money back. These bonuses offer players the opportunity to gamble even when they’re out of funds or when they used up their welcome bonus package.

Players receive this Coinslotty casino bonus in their accounts as either free spins or bonus money and can spend them on any game of their choice. With this offer, you stand a high chance of winning any cryptocurrency of your choice without spending from your bankroll on bets. There is also an opportunity to enjoy different advantages when you use the 2nd deposit bonus. You can fill your accounts with money or you can try new casino games for free.

You must select a second deposit bonus that will suit your playing situation. We urge you to spend this bonus on games that you love, games with exciting and entertaining gameplay, huge cashouts, great mechanics, and amazing bonuses. Ensure that the bonus you select suits your betting strategy as these casino deposits are fun to get and should be fun to spend.

Happy Hours Bonus

Coinslotty crypto casino introduces another bonus feature called Happy Hour. These bonuses come from a random system, and it changes as time passes. From their third deposit onward, players can take advantage of daily Happy Hours Booster bonuses which occur at certain times of the day. To get any day’s Happy Hours Booster, the player must meet the requirement of the total amount of deposits during that day.

However, from research, it seems that the happy hour bonuses by Coinslotty are given to a certain level of players. For example, the Monday happy hour bonus on Coinslotty is available to VIP level Newbie 2 players and above. The cashback system is available if the player has had a minimal loss value over the last three days which is greater than 1 USDT. The cashback offer is valid for over seven days.

Every happy hour bonus for each day has different bonus terms. For the seven days in the week, you are required to meet certain requirement targets before these bonus games will appear when you’re playing during the happy hour. If you have not met any of the daily requirements before the prescribed time for the bonus, you will not partake of that daily bonus.

Your account will be credited with bonus cash when you win free spins. Regardless of the number of accumulative winnings displayed, winnings from Free Spins will be subject to the maximum amount set by the company at its sole discretion.

VIP program

A reward for achievement is very important to Coinslotty. In the end, there is little point in striving for something unless there is some tangible reward? If you’re someone who enjoys achieving, completing, and advancing, then you’ve found your place.

It is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding feelings in this life to achieve success and accomplishment. You will regularly feel like a winner at Coinslotty thanks to our platform and opportunities. Ascend to new levels and earn huge rewards in the Coinslotty VIP Club once you have reached Hero 22 level.

The VIP Club membership gives you access to a wide range of benefits. What’s more, gamblers can receive 24/7 support from an assigned VIP manager. They also get to enjoy lucrative cashback rewards. Earn comp points by reaching level Gambler. Unlock a variety of weekly and monthly bonuses when you meet the requirements to sign up for this VIP bonus. In addition, there are these awesome perks you will witness from playing games at this online casino.